This is a one stop travel guide for your ‘Perfect Mauritius Trip- Honeymoon Trip or otherwise’.

Mauritius is one of the most romantic destinations in the world and has rightly earned itself the tag of a honeymoon destination. Mauritius is marked by white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and scenic views. Mark Twain, a well-known writer has rightly once said ‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven‘.

A lot of Indian couples planning their honeymoon are always confused between Bali, Maldives and Mauritius. All three are amazing beach destinations but Mauritius is the least crowded and less touristy in comparison to others. If privacy is your number one preference, Mauritius is the place to go. However, Mauritius will be a little heavy on the pocket than others.

For a fun fact, Bhojpuri is one of the official languages in Mauritius. A lot of Indian origin people from Bihar were taken there by the British as slaves to work in Sugarcane plantations and their offspring today live as free citizens in the republic of Mauritius. So, you will find Indian influences in culture and food in Mauritius.

Best Time to Visit Mauritius

Mauritius is located in the southern hemisphere in the Indian Ocean. Most of the landmass on earth and most the countries lie in the northern hemisphere, so unlike most countries Mauritius has a different climatic cycle. In layman’s language it is winter in the southern hemisphere when there is summer in the northern hemisphere and vice versa. But since, Mauritius is a small island the weather is pleasant and warm throughout the year which makes Mauritius an all-year round destination.

Summers: November to April

Climate in this time is warm and humid. Temperature may reach upto 33 degree Celsius while remaining 25 degree Celsius at its minimum. From January to April showers are quite frequent especially on the east coast, you’ll need an umbrella. Also, you may face cyclones between December and March especially on the east coast. So, make sure to check the weather forecast and follow local news if you travel during that time. Also, follow common safety rules and stay inside.

Winters: May to September

This is the peak time in Mauritius Tourism. Temperature ranges between 24 degrees Celsius and 18 degrees Celsius. The weather especially favors water sports enthusiasts as the weather conditions are ideal for surfing. 

How many days are enough for Mauritius?

If you are planning a trip to Mauritius on your Honeymoon or otherwise a 7-8 day trip would be ideal to get a feel of Mauritius and cover the must-go attractions. Even if you are too busy, I would suggest not to cut your trip shorter than 5 days. If you want to explore Mauritius covering all major attractions 10-15 days should be enough from a tourist perspective. However, if you like to travel slow or are a digital nomad it is tough to suggest an ideal duration as it varies with personal needs and interests.

Later in the post I’ve Shared some ready made itineraries that you can use. Else you can make one yourself, this post has all the info you’ll need.

How to Reach Mauritius?

  • The best way to reach Mauritius from India is by a flight. There are direct flights from Mumbai of about 6 hrs. Most flights from Delhi have a layover at Mumbai, however there are other options of layovers at Dubai, Riyadh, Reunion Islands, Istanbul, etc too if you want to try different routes and maybe wanna quickly explore these international cities in your layovers.
  • Although not very popular, the sea-route is also another way to reach Mauritius from Mumbai! Luxury cruises are operated between these two destinations that can take as long as 13-14 days to complete this sea journey. The luxury cruises can be a unique experience altogether and ocean enthusiasts can truly enjoy this journey along with the numerous activities they can take advantage of onboard.

Mauritius Visa

The Visa rules differ depending on nationalities. You may be exempted from requiring a visa or may need to take visa on arrival or may need to take visa before visiting Mauritius. Find the complete details here.

For Indian Passport holders :

A visa-on-arrival can be obtained for a maximum of 60 days. The documents required for Visa on-arrival Mauritius are:

  • Original Passport with 6 months validity from the date of arrival.
  • Two passport size photographs per person (35mm*45mm matt finish white background 80% face exposure).
  • Confirmed booking for accommodation in Mauritius.
  • Confirmed booking for the return flight.
  • Sufficient funds for expenses during their stay (minimum of USD 100 per day).
  • For staying beyond 60 days you’ll need to take visa from the Mauritius High Commission in Delhi prior to departure.

Things to do in Mauritius

1. Chill on a Beach

Flic en Flac Beach

Mauritius is an island nation and has a number of extremely beautiful white sand beaches having turquoise blue waters. Here is a list of best beaches in Mauritius:

Best beaches in Mauritius
  • Flic en Flac Beach (West):  It is one of the longest and most popular Mauritian beaches in the western part of Mauritius. It is famous for snorkeling, coral reefs and long beach walks.
  • Trou aux Biches (North): Being one of the best beaches in Mauritius, it is great for swimming and snorkeling as the water is clear, shallow and calm. The beach is in close proximity to street food stands, cafes and restaurants along the coast road.
  • Belle Mare Beach (East): This beach has extremely calm water because the external reef blocks all of the waves, however the currents can sometimes be a little stronger here than elsewhere on the island. In winter, this area of Mauritius tends to have more rain, usually in the afternoon.
  • Poste Lafayette Beach (East): This beach is famous for kayaking, a lagoon, peaceful coves, and relaxing beach walks.
  • La Cuvette /Grand Bay Public Beach (North): Unlike what its name would suggest the beach is quite short, peaceful and tranquil. It is famous for yachting, sailing, and fishing.
  • Blue Bay Beach (East): Located in the island’s south east corner, Blue Bay Beach is quite a popular beach. It harbours a wealth of marine life and is an ideal spot for snorkelling and diving. You can also do swimming, yachting and windsurfing here.
  • Tamarin Beach (West):   It is one of the most beautiful yet less popular beaches in Mauritius. It is located on the west coast of Mauritius in the beautiful village of Tamarin that is surrounded by hills near Black River. It is famous for surfing and its romantic sunsets.

2. Enjoy a Sega Dance performance

Sega Dance Performance (Source: Wikipedia)

Sega Dance is a traditional dance from East Africa performed on distinctive African rhythms. A sega dance performance will leave you with a beautiful cultural experience and a few moves with your partner could potentially spice up your honeymoon. Many hotels and resorts organize Sega performances for their hotel guests in which the dancers also invite the guests to join them; don’t be shy, join them for having a wonderful time.

3. Watch the Seven Colored Earth in Mauritius

Seven Colored Earth

Witness the seven colors of earth with naked eye in the little village of Chamarel in South Mauritius. It is a rare geological formation where in small area, sand dunes comprising sand of seven distinct colours (approximately red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow) can be seen at one place. These dunes provides a surrealistic, striped colouring and is a sight to behold.

4. Visit Chamarel Waterfall

Chamarel Waterfall

Enjoy the sight of Chamarel Waterfall admist the lust green forest located close to the seven coloured earth.

Entrance is 250 MUR per person and it includes the 7 Colored Earth and Waterfalls.

5. Visit Ile Aux Cerfs

Popularly known as the Treasure Island, the island of Ile Aux Cerfs is a real pearl in the Mauritian landscape. Located on the east coast; this picturesque island is famous for its spectacular beaches and water sports.

Food and drinks on this island is a bit more costly. Boats including catamarans and yachts depart regularly from Trou-d’Eau Douce village in the east. An island tour package generally includes food (usually barbecue, especially seafood) and a detour to the Grand River South East waterfalls.

6. Go for a Sunset Catamaran Cruise

Enjoy an unforgettable sunset catamaran cruise in Mauritius with your family/ friends or partner. This cruise would give a perfect ending to your day in paradise.

You could also do a a catamaran cruise with your tour of Ile aux cerfs but the experience would not be same as in an exclusive sunset cruise.

7. Indulge in Water Sports

Photo by AJ Garcia on Unsplash

Steal a bird’s eye view of the lagoon while parasailing high above the island, explore caves and mysterious islands in a kayak in the waters of Mauritius and fish for the finest marine life in the specially organised fishing expeditions.

8. Scuba Dive in Mauritius

Scuba Diving

Mauritius, being blessed with magnificent coral reefs and wide variety of marine life has the best scuba diving spots in the Indian Ocean. Do not miss this opportunity to dive at these amazing spots on your Mauritius holiday.  

9. Go for a Romantic Drive

Renting a car is the best way to get around the island especially if you are on your honeymoon. The extensive motorway and widespread coastal roads provides ample of opportunities for romantic drives with your partner. Here are some of the best drives you can experience on the island:
1. From Bel Ombre to Baie du Cap passing through Macondo and Le Morne for amazing views of the lagoon and Mauritian fruits. 
2. Drive along the Western part of the island and absorb the beautiful view of sugarcane fields that turn golden at sunset.

10. Go for a secluded horse ride on Riambel Beach

This is the most offbeat experience you’ll get to have on your honeymoon in Mauritius.Take a ride on a horseback on the white sands of the riambel beach in the south of Mauritius with stunning views of nature to get overwhelmed to the core. The price for the ride starts at INR 1500/- per person.

11. Relax in a Spa

While you are enjoying all the serenity and love in Mauritius, a spa treatment could enhance the experience by rejuvenating your mind and body from within.

One of excellent spas in Mauritius is Ved Holistic Care Centre where you can get some super relieving ayurvedic massages using hot stones and steam.

12. Take a Visit to the Grand Bassin

Tucked away in the beautiful mountains of the south-west lies a sacred lake aka Ganga Talao. As per Hindu beliefs it is believed that holy lake is connected to the sacred river Ganges in India.You can also offer prayers at the Shiva Temple here.

13. A Romantic Dinner is a must

A romantic dinner in a private setting with a beautiful view could give you the most memorable and cherish-able evenings of your life.

A very good Indian restaurant perfect for such romantic dinner date is ‘Indian Pavilion’ located on the beautiful coast of Mauritius with panoramic views of the city.

Budget for Mauritius

The minimum budget for a 7 Day 6 Night trip to Mauritius from India would be appx. INR 75,000 per person. And if it is a honeymoon trip; luxury and comfort are also desirable to some extent, the minimum cost would round upto INR 90,000 per person.

Snapshot of Typical costs:

Note: 1 Mauritian Rupee (MUR) =appx. 2 Indian Rupee (INR)

Flights and transportation:

  • To & Fro Delhi to Mauritius starting at INR 38,000/-
  • Car Rental : MUR 1200 per day.
  • Taxi: Appx. MUR 25/Km.

Hotels: This entirely depends on your choices.

  • A decent budget hotel with all basic amenities and good location would cost about INR 2,000/- per night.
  • If you are looking for a decent resort or a villa at a good location for your honeymoon or otherwise, it would cost you minimum INR 3,000 per night and then sky is the limit.
  • Luxury beach front properties would cost minimum about INR 5,000 per night.

Food and drinks:

  • Beer Pint: MUR 100/-
  • Lunch/Dinner: For a basic Indian vegetarian meal MUR 250/- per person, a sufficient Indian meal MUR 600-Rs.1000 per person.
  • Fast food: Avg. MUR 100/- per item.


  • Water sport package including underwater sea walk, boat ride, para sailing would cost you between MUR 3,500 and MUR 4,000 per person. You can bargain for less with more quantity.
  • Scuba Diving starts at MUR 2500 per person.
  • At La Vallee Des Couleurs: Zipline 1.5KM MUR 1900 per person.
  • Catamaran Cruise to Ile aux Cerfs with BBQ Lunch starts at MUR 2000/-

Where to Stay in Mauritius?

If you are willing to cook yourself or at least save some money on breakfasts, a studio apartment would be a great option.

A Studio Apartment in Mauritius

We’ll come up with a full post on recommended stays as well. Until then, here are some of the best yet economical hotels/ studio apartments to assure a memorable holiday:

  1. Best Luxury in budget hotel: Sous Le Badamier Guest House and Voile Bleue Boutique Hotel
  2. Best Luxury in budget apartment: Grand Bay Suites
  3. Best Budget Hotel: Corinne Villa a 300m de la plage
  4. Best Budget Apartment accommodation: Monalysa St. Honore Apartment & Studio

How to Get Around in Mauritius?

Mauritius is a very small island, even smaller than Goa. Typically, getting between the farthest points on the whole island would not take more than 1.5 hours. Mauritius has left-side driving and traffic rules are strictly followed here.

The best way to get around Mauritius is to rent a car/ bicycle/ motorbike. While taxis could be expensive and time consuming, a car is at your disposal 24/7. Foreign Licences are accepted in Mauritius. You can rent a car in appx. MUR 1200 per day. Another good option is taxi though slightly expensive but safe and comfortable. Taxi will cost you appx. MUR 25/Km. You can enjoy some random places only when you rent a vehicle.

Somewhere in Mauritus

Public Transport in Mauritius includes Buses and Rail. Buses are the most economical way to travel and explore the island. Most buses are non-ac and the timing for last bus is 6:30 PM at most stops.

Where to eat in Mauritius?

Mauritius offers a range of cuisines African, Indian, Chinese, continental, etc. You’ll get all kinds of options in food here from delicious street food to a romantic dinner at the beach. Do give it all a try. The must try from the Mauritian street food is dholl puri served with hot chili paste. The best places to eat include:

  • Restaurant Coolen Chez Ram and Happy Rajah Indian Restaurant in Grand Baiee. Chez Ram ‘s food is absolutely delicious and outstanding.
  • Dewa & Sons at Rose Hill.
  • Chapeau La Paille in Port Louis.

Shopping in Mauritius

Le Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis

Post Louis is the best place to shop in Mauritius. You can buy souvenir ship showpieces for your loved ones. However, everything is a bit expensive if you compare it with India. Some of the places to visit in Mauritius for shopping include the Bazaar of Port-Louis, Grand Baie Bazar and Goodlands.

What to pack for Mauritius?

Travel Accessories:

  1. Packing Cubes: This is an amazing travel accessory, I will highly recommend to everyone. It is quite cheap and makes packing, unpacking and repacking super easy and organised. Take a look on amazon how its like and how much it costs. Using these you could easily take out the smallest item from a 50 litre suitcase literally anywhere super easy and super fast.
  2. Neck Pillow and Eye mask
  3. Universal power adapter
  4. A key or combination lock, Ziplock bags
  5. LifeStraw Reusable filter water bottle

Gear (Optional as per needs):

Toiletries: 1 toothbrush, 1 tube of toothpaste, 1 package of dental floss, Deodorant, 1 razor/Trimmer, 1 small bottle of shampoo, 1 small bottle of shower gel, 1 towel

Small Medical Kit: Band-Aids, Antibacterial cream (Betadine tube), Paracetamol, any tablet for food poisoning, Hand sanitizer.

Quick Tips

  • Buy water bottles from the super-markets, mineral water is costly in Mauritius. A 6 litre water bottle would cost you 90-120 MUR.
  • Use cards for most of your transactions. At most places in Mauritius cards are acceptable. You can buy a forex card before your visit or you can also use your debit/credit card if it does not have a forex mark-up fee.
  • There are several car/scooter rental companies just outside the airport. You can also pre-book online.
  • Download offline google map. You don’t need to get GPS activated in your car as it costs extra, you can use google maps everywhere.
  • Try to reach the tour spots by 9 am or so. Carry good amount of water and eatable with you.


7 Days 6 Nights Itinerary for Mauritius

  • Day 1 : Arrive at Hotel.
  • Day 2 : Visit Vann Ann Chocolate Factory, Trou aux Biches, Pereybere’s public beach.
  • Day 3 : Visit Grand Basin and Shiva temple, enjoy a Sega performance.
  • Day 4 : Day tour of Ile aux cerfs.
  • Day 5 : Visit Fort Adelaide, Place d’ Arms with its French colonial buildings, shop at Port Louis, visit Flic en Flac beach.
  • Day 6: Visit Gorges National park, Seven Colored Earth and Chamerel waterfall.
  • Day 7 : Departure from Mauritius

All info for this post has been provided by my friends Yogesh and Neetu, fortunately I am not married yet :P.

Do Share this post with your friends and family who are getting hitched. Subscribe for more such informative posts. If I missed out something let me know in the comment box.

Happy Travelling !!

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