Kasol, a picturesque village surrounded by lush green mountains of Parvati Valley on the banks of Parvati River is now, one of the favorite backpacker’s destination in the northern India. It is world famous for being a pot heaven, cannabis plants could literally be found everywhere in Kasol.

Kasol has developed into a mini Israel in India – having many Israeli Cafes and even some signboards in Hebrew. It is only natural that it attracts a lot of Israeli tourists.

There are a lot of things to do in Parvati Valley other than exploring Kasol; you can trek and explore Malana, Tosh and Kheerganga; which are all located in the vicinity of Kasol. Each of these places offer stunning views of the Parvati valley yet leaves you with unique experiences.

view of the lush green Himalayan mountains of the Parvati Valley covered in mist, from Kasol Hima Chal Pradesh, India.
View of Parvati Valley from Kasol

What is the Best Time to Visit Kasol ?

  • March to June: This is the best time to visit Kasol. This is also the peak season for tourists in Kasol. The temperature ranges between 13*C to 35* C. The sky is clear and days are warm, perfect for the sightseeing, trekking & camping. A lot of festivals are held during this season, where people high on drinks & psychedelic drugs, dance to the beats of trance music.
  • July to September: This is the monsoon season and temperature ranges between 20*C-32*C. It is better to avoid visiting kasol during this time as there are frequent downpours, landslides & road blockages.
  • October to February: Kasol experiences chilly temperature in this season. This isn’t a good season to visit Kasol unless you love the silence of the snow cladded mountains on a chilly winter night. Although, Trekking to Kheerganga could be a unique experience in winters.

Festivals In Kasol

If you are planning your trip anywhere near these festivals do not miss these crazy parties, check out some videos on internet to get stoned already.

  • Indrasan Festival is one of the best music festivals in this country which takes place during the last few days of May. The energetic vibes blended with the trance creates an atmosphere that will set your soul free. Usually held for four nights and five days, the Indrasan Festival receives many biggies from the music industry.
  • Summer Hills Festival Usually held in June-end, it goes on for two days. Face paintings, bonfires and music, it’ll be one of your unforgettable memories.
  • Electric Mahadev Festival or the EMF has a motto “dance is a form of active meditation”. This three-day festival receives backpackers from all over the world to party on psychedelic music with unlimited alcohol.

How to Reach Kasol ?

Kasol is located 512 Kms from Delhi and you can get an overnight direct bus from Delhi to Kasol. However, the direct buses are quite less in number, so, you can break your journey at Bhuntar (31 Kms from Kasol). Bhuntar is a town in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh well connected by road & air.

Kasol & Places Nearby

From Delhi/ Chandigarh you can catch a bus to Bhuntar. Bhuntar also has a domestic airport, so you can take a flight as well. From Bhuntar to Kasol, you can reach via local bus or a taxi. By bus, Kasol is almost 13 – 14 hour journey from Delhi.

Things To Do in / nearby Kasol

A Cannabis leaf from a Plant on Kasol's roadside.
A Cannabis leaf from a Plant on Kasol’s Roadside

1. Camp by the Riverside in Kasol.

  • Live in the nature’s lap listening to song of gushing Parvati river, gazing the stars in the night sky, enjoy the bonfire with music and dance.
  • You can book a camp online or on the spot and yes, staying in a camp would be cheaper than staying in a hotel.
Bonfire on the Riverside in Kasol India.
Bonfire on the Riverside in Kasol

2. Chill by the Banks of Parvati River.

Get lost in the beauty of the moment and just relax. Getting high could be an icing on the cake. I am talking about meditation, lol.

3. Try Israeli food.

There are a lot of cafes serving Israeli food in Kasol – Pink Floyd, German Bakery, Evergreen Cafe are some popular places. So, experiment with the dishes you’ve only heard-of only in Hollywood movies & TV-series.

4. Take a Trek to Chalal.

Chalal is a small isolated village only on a 30 minutes trek from Kasol. Dine, take pictures & trek back.

A huge number of Cannabis plants growing on the roadside between Kasol and Chalal Village.

5. Go for a Trek to Malana

View of Malana villagein Himachal Pradesh, India; showing the local houses and residents.
View of Malana Village

Malana is a small isolated village 21 kms from Kasol still untouched from modern lifestyle. Malana is famous for the fine quality of its hashish branded as Malana Cream. There are some myths related with this village which makes the visit all the more intriguing :

  1. There is fine of Rs.1500/- for outsiders on touching any of the villagers, their houses/ temples. Well, for a fact we did find there was a fine on touching the temple walls, it was clearly mentioned on the walls.
  2. The villagers believe themselves to be the descendants of Aryans left from the Alexander’s army and that the purity of their race would be compromised by interaction with outsiders.
  3. The village has its own government and the villagers do not consider themselves within the jurisdiction of the Indian government.
  4. They speak their own language and it is one of the oldest democracies in the world.
  5. They worship Jamlu Devta.

We did talk to a restaurant owner to check the truth in the myths, he told us that some old people there do believe in the myths.

View of Malana Village located uphill from its entry gate below.
View of Malana Village from Below

On reaching the village there are open air air cafes at the top. Have maggie with a hot cup of tea as you admire the view. You may also choose to stay here for a night, a number of camps are available.

Cafe at the top in Malana Village
Cafe at the top in Malana Village

How to Reach Malana from Kasol: Take a taxi from Kasol which will take you to the base point of the Malana trek. Trek to the Malana village is quite steep & takes almost an hour.

6. Visit Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara.

Manikaran located 5 Km from Kasol, is a Sikh Holy site. To reach from Kasol to Manikaran, hop on a local bus which is available every half an hour. Take a dip in the Hot Spring located inside Manikaran Sahib and have Langar (free food offered as a blessing from God).

7. Trek to Tosh.

There is another gorgeous village is Parvati Valley called Tosh, located just 18 km from Kasol. The village is located on a hillside overlooking the river and a waterfall, the scenery will just soothe your soul.

You may stay in Tosh for a night. Accommodation and food is available in surplus. Tosh attracts more Europeans than Israelis, many of whom ae here to ride high on cannabis. There are a plenty of cafes offering Israeli and European food – Shiv, Shivaay, Stoned Age and others.

How to reach Tosh: Take a bus from Kasol to Barshaini, trek uphill through the forest taking the shorter route to reach Tosh or you may take a sharing cab for Rs. 200.

8. Trek to Kheerganga

A small group of trekkers at the base point in Barshaini ready for the trek to Kheerganga Summit.
Ready for Kheerganga Trek at Barshaini

It is one of the most famous treks in Himachal, a lot of people come to Parvati Valley only for the Kheerganga Trek. The trek from Barshaini to the Kheerganga Summit (3,000 m above sea level) is quite easy (perfect for beginners) yet adventurous. As you tire yourself on the mountain trail amidst the picturesque peaks & waterfalls, the hot spring at the summit will rejuvenate your mind & body.

There are two ways from Barshaini to Kheerganga- One is a 9 km four-hour steep climb on narrow and tricky trails with a beautiful view of a waterfall, the other one is a 12 km stretch, comparatively easier & less steep passing through a village called Nagthan village(around 4 km from Barshaini) and a temple – Rudranag Temple (having a waterfall not as good as on the other route). We took the steeper one uphill & the easier one downhill. Trek through either way will take 4 -5 hrs.

The view of a bridge over the Parvati River surrounded by the mountains on the way to the summint on Kheerganga Trek
View while Kheerganga Trekking

It is better to stay at night at Kheerganga & enjoy camping, gaze at the stars in the beautiful night sky. A to & fro trek could be real tiring.

Note – In May 2018 government banned the camps at the top. We visited there in may only, so at the top only a few camps were available which they set up only in the night and wrap it all up in the morning. So, check the status beforehand only at Barshaini from the locals. Recently as of Feb 2020, the camps are again easily available at the summit.

Also, guides are also available at Barshaini who’ll carry the tents up. If tents are not available at the top you may take a guide otherwise trail is well marked and there is no requirement of a guide.

Where to Stay in Kasol?

  • Best Hostels in Kasol: Nomads Hostel Kasol and The Hosteller Kasol are both great places for backpackers.
  • A lot of hotels & camps are available in Kasol. You may book online or book on the spot. MakeMyTrip offers the best rates most of the time.
  • Hotels / guest-houses & camps are easily available in Tosh. Camps are also available in Malana & Kheerganga (but do confirm at Barshaini) .

Where to Eat in Kasol ?

  1. There are various Cafes offering Israeli/ Indian/ European food- Evergreen, Moon Dance Cafe, Jim Morrison Cafe, Pink Floyd, Parvati River Cafe etc. They are all quite expensive though.
  2. Try out China Town Roof Top Cafe, the Indian food is really great at affordable prices. Try out the unique desserts, they’re all tasty AF.
A delicious meal consisting of Biryani, curd and papad at Chinatown Rooftop Cafe in Kasol, India.
Chinatown Rooftop Cafe, Kasol

There are various famous Cafes in Tosh- Shiv, Shivaay, Stoned Age, etc. There are few smaller cafes at Malana Top, enroute Malana & Kheerganga as well.

Must Carry Trekking Gear:

Also Read: Trekking Gear: What To Pack and How to Pack?.

  1. Rucksack – I use this Wildcraft 45 Litre Rucksack, for longer journeys you may use this 60 Litre one.
  2. Backpack– I carry a American Tourister or Quechua or Wildcraft Backpacks, they are trendy and a high quality bags.
  3. Raincoat – Preferably, use a 2-piece raincoat, it will be comfortable, cover your full body & last longer. I use this one- Duckback Solid Rain Suit.
  4. Trekking Shoes – Use these Lee Cooper Leather Trekking Shoes, you may wear them casually as well. Sports shoes would work for Kheerganga Trek but its better to wear Trekking shoes, it’ll help if the route turns slippery in rain.
  5. Towel – Everyone has one, though I prefer these Haber Lightweight Towels, these are easy to carry & dry faster.
  6. Power-bank – There won’t be any power source at Kheerganga, its a must. This 10000maH MI Power Bank is cheap & great.
  7. Sleeping Bag – This STC Sleeping bag is perfect- cheap & comfortable.
  8. Your Own Tent (optional) – For a cheaper option this YFXOHAR 4-Person Tent is good but if can afford a high quality product use this Quechua 2-Person Tent .

Quick Tips

  1. Carry less luggage.
  2. Avoid taking any luggage on your treks. Leave it at your hotel even if you have checked out. They would generally charge some minimal amount for it.
  3. Mobile Network is not available at Kheerganga, so keep your loved ones informed accordingly.
  4. Do not carry Hash or any such Psychedelic drugs back from Kasol. Buses are randomly checked by Police.
  5. Be conscious of what ‘stuff’ you are taking.

Kasol Series on YouTube

Video Language: English

What makes Kasol so popular? Kasol Trip | Kasol Tosh Malana Kheerganga Part-1
Kheerganga Trek | Kasol Trip Part-2 | Manikaran-Tosh-Kalga- Kheerganga

If the post helped, do share it and pin it to check later. Feel free to ask any queries in the comment section.

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Cheapest Travel Resources

Book Your Flight
I use Skyscanner to find cheap flights. This is one of the best flight search engines mainly because they list all major search websites and airlines around the globe.

  • Hostelworld has the largest inventory of Hostels ans is my favorite go to website for booking hostels.
  • In my experience, ninety percent of the time MakeMyTrip offers the cheapest rates for hotels in India and even sometimes for International Hotels.
  • For booking International Hotels in S-E Asia Agoda is quite unbeatable most of the time.
  • However, Booking.com has a presence all over the globe and can sometimes offer really good deals.

Must Have Travel Accessories:

  1. Packing Cubes: Must-have accessory.
  2. Neck Pillow and Eye mask
  3. Universal power adapter
  4. LifeStraw Reusable filter water bottle
  5. A key or combination lock, Ziplock bags

Gears I Use:

Small Medical Kit: Band-aids, antibacterial cream (Betadine tube), Paracetamol, any tablet for food poisoning, hand sanitizer.

Nesia Tova !!

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